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Top 5 Places to visit in Italy

Top 5 Places to visit in Italy
Top Five Places to See and Things to do in Italy: Visit Milan ...
Check out the shoppers' paradise in Milan, create a romantic getaway to Venice, learn all the must-go places in Rome and Pisa and find out the ... Top 5 Places to visit in Italy

Roman Colosseum (Rome) (Top 5 Places to visit in Italy)
This is one of Rome's most famous tourist attractions. Colosseum was built between 70 to 82 AD. The Colosseum is currently the most representative architectural structure of ancient Rome. At one time, this magnificent building was able to accommodate 50,000 or more bloodthirsty spectators to see different public events among which the most famous was the "Fight of Gladiators". The formidable architectural beauty was not consistent with the atrocities that were committed in the sand, but today when this shameful practice is stopped, the Colosseum has become a unique piece for human history. If you have seen the famous movie "Gladiator", you can figure out what I am trying to say.

Vatican (Rome - Vatican) (Top 5 Places to visit in Italy)
The Holy See is the official residence of the Pope, but beyond its religious importance, the Vatican has a fascinating and amazing architecture that attracts a large number of tourists every year. The Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo is the cherry on the cake to The Vatican. In the Sistine Chapel, the mirrors and the dome of the chapel are the most impressive boundless beauties. It is extremely unhealthy to spend hours walking with the neck extended and head fully reclining back, so much that the back is touching the neck so mirrors are used to enable visitors to view the roof by directing the light "towards the ground" and the visitors can look out for the most interesting architectural points with the angles of the mirror. A large number of people visit this place throughout the season because of the amazing beauty of this architecture.

The Tower of Pisa (Pisa) (Top 5 Places to visit in Italy)
The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa was born and bowed, of course not intentionally, but since the start of its construction in 1173, the tower began to lean slowly. Many people believe that the tower of Pisa is leaning on purpose and many others believe it is a monument in itself. Neither belief is true, the inclination of the tower was never planned but it leaning on its own.

The Tower of Pisa does not stand-alone, but there is a steeple of the Cathedral of Pisa which is just meters away from it but that does not go into any photo as the tower takes the spotlight. Now after years of work, the tower is open to the public to climb the 294 steps that go through the 8-story building until the bell.

Grand Venice Canals (Venice) (Top 5 Places to visit in Italy)
This Sinking City is an attraction to the whole planet. Tell me about a single travel enthusiast on earth who does not want to go to a City covered with water. The architectural beauty of Venice, its canals and bridges, is unmatched, unique, and beautiful. Venice is a must visit tourist place in Italy. A part of Venice has canals and visitors can travel by gondolas to have a look on the beauty of this place. While traveling in gondolas, you will find that the Venice Canals is long chain of narrow streets. Furthermore, the romance of travel by gondola is ultimate. Travel through the canals of Venice is a magical experience, which no one should miss.

Capri (Top 5 Places to visit in Italy)
Capri Island is called a paradise by tourists, which is located in the Mediterranean and has become a preferred tourist destination. The beauty of its beaches and the island itself makes it a popular destination among famous celebrities. The island of Capri is a different destination in Italy. It is for people who are looking out for leisure, sun, and the beach and not the history and architectural wonders of Italy. Capri is ideal for days out in the middle of tourist travel in Italy to return to the mainland for further admiration of the splendor of Italy's culture and history.

Top 5 Places to visit in Italy

Top 5 Places to visit in Italy - Getting the Best out of Italy
Today in this article, I have presented the top five tourist destinations in Italy. All web pages on travel services will give you only general information for you to ... Top 5 Places to visit in Italy