Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 5 Travel Attractions of Malaysia

Top 5 Travel Attractions of Malaysia Top 5 Travel Attractions of Malaysia
1. Communication. – If you are reading this blog post in English now, you will not face any difficulties or issues to travel around Malaysia. Though Malaysia consists of many different ethnic groups with majority of them Malay, Chinese and Indian, most of them, if not all, understand simple English words; Many of them can communicate, if not fluent, in English; All of them who work in travel industry, include hotels, restaurants, transportation and so on, speak fluent English;

2. Vast varieties of travel activity options. – With its geographical nature and efforts from Malaysian government, Malaysia offers all kinds of travel activity options around the country. There are breathtaking mountains and breezing world class entertainment resorts atop, long sandy beaches as well as breathtaking islands with world renown diving spots, UNESCO World heritage cities with rich historical architecture and culture, modern cosmopolitan city with large shopping malls and world class skyscrapers, and off course lush rainforest and greenery with wildlife and endless trekking opportunities. Not to mention crazy nightlife in both cities as well as travel destinations;

3. Great Value of Money. – Among all those countries that I know or have traveled to, Malaysia is one of the cheapest country to visit and to enjoy. Hotels rates are among the cheapest in the region; Foods are cheap but really tasty. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee, you can get it everywhere for as low as USD1. If you are a fans of McDonald, Malaysian’s McD’s menu is one of the cheapest in the world! Travel Excursions are also good value for your money spent with all-inclusive 3D2N packages to islands holidays start from as low as USD150! Shopping in Malaysia has now become cheap since electronics and IT products are all tax free.

4. Safety and Security. – With the joint effort from strict police operation team and tighter criminal law enforcement, Malaysia has now become a much more safer country to tourists. International studies has recently revealed that Malaysia’s safety condition for tourists is actually on par with most other popular travel destinations in Europe such as Paris and Brussels. I have visited both Paris and Brussels and would totally agree on that, albeit though terrorism activities in other Muslim countries have actually wrongly interpreted the situation in Malaysia. In general, Malaysia is a safe country with relatively peaceful environment without chaotic political issues, critical criminal issues and geographical disasters.

5. Hot Climate and clean air. – Malaysia enjoys a year long sunshine with its tropical climate which is a good news to travel photographers. Temperatures generally range from 32°C at noon to about 26°C at midnight for the whole year. Travelers could visit Malaysia anytime in a year. Though monsoon seasons during March to May and December to January do bring more rains to Malaysia, sunny morning and afternoon could still be expected. With the help from its lush green areas and forest reserved, air pollution is much lower than other countries in the region.