Friday, September 9, 2011

Top 5 Australia beaches

Top 5 Australia beaches
Hyams Beach, New South Wales
Hyams beach is famous in the world for having the whitest sand you can ind anywhere (as testified by the Guinness Book of Records too). The pleasant little seaside village of Hyams Beach has three beaches, but the eponymous one is definitely the best. Hyams is highly recommended for couples wishing for a romantic getaway, or solo travelers, seeing as there are several cottages catering for them, but families will also have a lot of fun here. There are several excellent cafes near the beach, so gourmets will have something else to look for as well.

Manly Beach, New South Wales
Manly is one of the best known beaches in Sydney, and not only because it has a funny name (the name of the beach was given by Cpt. Arthur Phillip, because he thought that the indigenous people living in the area were commendably manly). In addition for being a magnet for tourists and locals, Manly Beach has long held the fascination of several artists. It is a great place for scuba diving, sailing, surfing, and a variety of terrestrial sports like biking, tennis or volleyball. It is the quintessential Australian beach experience.
Top 5 Australia beaches Top 5 Australia beaches
Mission Beach, Queensland
Mission Beach is the meeting point of two of the most amazing world heritage sites in the world, the Great Barrier Ree ad the Wet Tropics rainforest. There are four distinc villages on the 14 km which make up Mission Beach, but there is no great difference among them. There are many opportunities for ecotours, as well as more adrenaline filled activities like rafting or skydiving. In the jungle, keep an eye out for cassowaries, large birds similar to emus.

Cable Beach, Western Australia
Cable Beach might be a bit far from Australia’s major cities, but it is totally worth the long journey there. The water is a clear turquoise and the the sand is soft and golden, but the major draw of this beach are the activities you can do here. Lots of opportunities for extreme sports and surfing, and (for the romantic in you) camel treks on the beach at sunset. If you are visiting October through May, take great care not to run into any deadly marine stingers in the water.
Top 5 Australia beaches Top 5 Australia beaches
Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
Not only is Wineglass bay the most beautiful beach in Australia, but also one of the top ten in the world. The pure, secluded crescent shape of Wineglass Bay can only be described as simply jaw-dropping and heart-stopping. It’s not exactly the classic beach destination because its location is quite remote – a one hour trek through the woods from the car park in Freycinet National Park – but it is a magnificent place for swimming and gawking.